Shhh! It’s National Quiet Day on
Wednesday 12th September 2018

Take a moment for yourself and enjoy a little sanctuary in silence.

Does your day start with a high-pitch squeal of your alarm clock? Does the TV (and household!) blare through your breakfast? Radio on in the car? The cacophony of conversations, emails, messages and meetings. Crowded trains, evening entertainment, more messages, more emails, more interruptions, then straight to bed ready to start the whole process again?

At the same time the importance of quiet is underestimated; in a busy world quiet and tranquillity may have beneficial effects on our stress levels and wellbeing.

Professor Stephen Stansfeld

Time to stop, inhale deeply, hold…
and let it go slowly.

The benefits of quiet come in many forms, from lowering stress levels to unleashing creativity, enhancing your senses and awareness of the world around you.

It’s for this very reason that Whirlpool – makers of the washing machine with the quietest spin cycle* – has introduced National Quiet Day.

Imagine all the things you could accomplish by taking just five minutes for yourself?

Time to dip into that great book you’ve been meaning to get back to, time to relax and let your mind wander, maybe just a few minutes to stare out the window at your beautiful surroundings.

You might not be able to escape for the whole day, but make Wednesday 12th September 2018 the perfect opportunity to let a little serenity into your life, if only for a moment.

*ZenTechnology has the lowest sound level on the market in spinning noise up to 10kg capacity and up to 1400 rpm based on the sound level declared by competitors (status December 2014).