Are you a snorer?

Then unfortunately we’ve got some bad news… in a recent survey by Whirlpool it was revealed that snoring rated number 1 on the list of annoying noises with 61% of UK adults wishing they could do away with the nocturnal disturbance, and 10% of people confessing they considered breaking off a relationship because of it.

Loud chewing, dogs barking, drinks being slurped, car alarms, crying babies and people talking loudly on their mobile phones all rated highly.

Professor Judy Edworthy from the Applied Psychology Department of Plymouth University says, ‘noise can be fatiguing, it can increase our stress levels, it can cause annoyance, it affects our ability to concentrate and it can affect our whole body directly in ways which are not always obvious. National Quiet Day highlights the importance for people to find a little more peace and quiet.’

Yet in a progressively noisy world, getting some quiet time has become a seemingly hard task to handle, with 80% of the 2000 people surveyed admitting they’d pay up to £310 for just one hour’s quiet if there was no other alternative way to achieve it.

So are you the annoyed or the annoyer?

Check out the infographic below to find out more about the Top 20 annoying noises and when you’re ready to find your quiet five minutes, hop over to our Find Some Serenity page to find a little inspiration.