Can you find a moment of peace and quiet?

Almost half of us believe that in today’s modern world, true silence is impossible to find. In a survey by appliance manufacturer, Whirlpool, Brits typically endure at least five annoying noises per day, with one in 20 enduring over 15 irritating sounds.

Professor Judy Edworthy, from the Applied Psychology Department of Plymouth University says, ‘noise can be fatiguing, it can increase our stress levels, it can cause annoyance, it affects our ability to concentrate and it can affect our whole body directly in ways which are not always obvious. National Quiet Day highlights the importance for people to find a little more peace and quiet.’

The survey found that on average, Brits would pay over £310 for just one hour of silence. Check out the infographic below to see how much your area would pay for an hour’s silence.