Find your Feel-Good Five Minutes

When was your last quiet five minutes? Or half hour? Or even a decadent whole hour? Being surrounded by noise puts a constant, steady pressure on our minds with each disruption wrestling for their own little piece of our attention, can make us feel drained. The importance of peace and quiet is so bountiful that it’s ridiculous that we’ve allowed it to get so eroded, but change happens by small, subtle degrees chipping away until you can’t remember the last time you had five minutes quiet to yourself.

According to Professor Stephen Stansfield from the Department of Psychiatry at Queen Mary University of London: ‘There is increasing evidence from research that the ubiquitous exposure to environmental noise is bad for our health. Not only annoyance and sleep disturbance, but also effects on blood pressure and heart disease’.

Yes the world is busy and yes we have lots of responsibilities, but now science is telling us that without some ‘Tend Time’ we can’t possibly continue to function well.

So why not make this National Quiet Day the catalyst for a more positive lifestyle.

Offering a helping hand, we’ve put together Five Ways To Find Your Daily Quiet Moments, aiding you in finding that peaceful, quieter future.

5ways to find your daily Quiet Moments

Pre-requisite of finding the elusive ‘quiet time’ you yearn for is to give yourself some distance from smartphones, tablets and laptops.

Remember the days when we used to leave the house and drive places without any phone at all? The world can manage without us being alerted about absolutely everything for a while.

Secondly… it’s not rude to tell people you’re having a little time to yourself, it’s a basic human right everybody needs, and who knows? You might inspire someone else to take their own five minutes of quiet time too.