Bring the harmony of Whirlpool’s ZenTechnology into your home and laundry

As quiet as a whisper at 49dB during the wash phase and as little as 68dB during the spin cycle, Whirlpool’s ZenTechnology stops laundry from disturbing daily life.*

The science of ZenTechnology’s supremely quiet cycles comes from a highly innovative and robust design, from the beltless motor connected directly to the drum, to the use of one single sheet of quality casing, noise is dispersed for less disruption.

Combined with 6TH SENSE technology to assess and adjust the wash and spin phases of your load accordingly, Supreme Care is as tough on excessive noise as it is on stains.

Invite quiet into your home

*ZenTechnology has the lowest sound level on the market in spinning noise up to 10kg capacity and up to 1400 rpm based on the sound level declared by competitors (status December 2014).